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Beaches and inland lakes around the region offer ideal conditions for windsurfers.

Learning to windsurf
Windsurfing is a sport that is easy to master at a basic level, but can take years to perfect! The key is to learn on the right equipment and in the right conditions. It's definitely well worth taking a few lessons before heading out on your own. Most people can grasp the basics and sail comfortably after a 2-hour lesson. Inland lakes are a great place to start as you won't have tides, currents or large waves to contend with and if you loose control you won't drift off into the sunset!

The RYA are the governing body for windsurfing and offer 1-5 levels of training. Courses are available through RYA recognised windsurf and multi-activity centres throughout the South West and can vary in duration from centre to centre. Some courses include instruction over several days plus accommodation and meals. Others include instruction and equipment hire only.

Windsurfer's Guide to the South West Beaches will be available here soon!

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