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Power boats, when handled skillfully, open up a vast range of leisure and watersports opportunities. Waterski, wakeboard, dive or fish from them, race them, use them to explore otherwise inaccessible bays, coves and caves along the coastline or visit unspoilt areas along rivers and estuaries.

RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats)
RIBs are a hybrid of an inflatable and traditional motorboat offering the user the best of both; the safety, stability and lightness of an inflatable with the rigidity and features of a traditional boat. On a RIB the sides are made of inflatable tubes, while the main hull is made from fiberglass, aluminium or polyethylene. RIBs are ideal cruising boats as they cover large distances quickly and their shallow draft means that they will let you explore almost anywhere there's water, including inlets inaccessible to other boats.

Powerboats come in a range of sizes and allow more onboard flexibility than a RIB. For example, many include lockers and have comfy chairs and generally they're more spacious. Powerboats are the more comfortable option as passengers sit 'in' the boat, rather than 'on' the boat. Powerboats are also popular racing boats and clubs around the South West arrange races in various powerboat classes.


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