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If you like the idea of kitesurfing but do not want to get in water or do not live by the sea, then have a go at landboarding. Once you have mastered the kite flying you can get on a board and start riding. It is also a great way of learning skills for kitesurfing and you can go out in much lighter winds.

If you are already a mountain boarder you should definitely give it a go, no hill walking involved and you can still get air.

5 companies specialise in 'Landboarding' in South West England

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Total freedom to explore, fully equipped for adventure and comfort.

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We offer the largest range of outdoor activities in Cornwall.

More information on: Mobius Kite School and Bike Trails, Cornwall
The only BKSA approved kite school in Cornwall to use different beaches for every wind direction (therefore a lower cancellation rate). Cornwall's first guided bike trail company.

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Hire a VW Campervan and create your own adventure!

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