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Land yachts use the same wind power as yachts, wind surfers and kite boarders but harness it for the exhilaration of travelling on beaches, airfields and other wide open spaces. Depending on the wind these machines are capable of speeds of up to, and over 40mph with no brakes!

These sleek machines are made of lightweight carbon fibre and sit low to the ground with the pilot almost lying down while steering. With a single wheel at the front and two at the back, a large sail and no brakes they are the epitome of speed machines. With good training, skill and a little daring you can experience what is probably the ultimate thrill without an engine.

In South West England there are a number of places where you can learn to use a land yacht, but it's essential that you get proper tuition. If you've been sailing or wind surfing the basics are very similar, but you must always be aware of your surroundings to avoid accidents.

Land yachting is a buzz you'll not forget in a hurry.

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