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For hundreds of years archery has been used for both hunting and combat and has now become a precision sport that's a great deal of fun. There are several different types of archery, so you can pick the one which appeals to you the most.

Target Archery is where you shoot at the target of coloured rings with modern equipment and a sight on your bow, while Field Archery is where different targets are placed around a wood or a field and you shoot at them as you come to them. There's no rush and you have plenty of time to aim. You may have to avoid tree branches and bushes to hit the target and you may have to shoot across valleys or rivers, or up and down hill, but whichever way your arrows fly you'll have a great time.

11 companies specialise in 'Archery' in South West England

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Quad Biking, Hovercraft and Mini-Maverick 'Off Road Adventure' in the heart of Dorset.

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Professionalism in the outdoors set in a unique location.

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StagWeb outstanding activities, events and service - much more for less!

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